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Magic by Royal

Royal’s magic concentrates on sleight of hand which will entertain and amaze you and your guests. The magic can be tailored to fit your event, both in style and "size".

Strolling / Close-Up Magic

Royal can provide close up strolling magic during cocktail or after dinner. This form of magic is very close to smaller groups of guests as Royal walks amongst the tables or groups of guests entertaining them.

Parlor Show

A Parlor style show is an in between "close up" and "stage" show. It is meant for guests sitting in an informal but theater like setting. It can be presented off in a corner or as a center piece of a smaller venue. Length of the show and size of the performance will dictate price.

For more details on Royal's magic services and pricing, contact Royal via email at royal@djandmagic.com or call 708-846-1091.

The Magic of Royal Jenner Royal & Siegfried 1984 Royal & Lance Burton 2004
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