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We offer truly talented entertainment professionals who go well beyond “music” as your Emcee & DJ. If you’re looking to hire a DJ only for music you are really limiting your reception to a “dinner dance” and limiting the full richness of its true potential. We know your “DJ” choice is a very important one, which is why we recommend an in-person interview. You must see how he presents himself, acts, moves, speaks, and makes you feel. This is the person that will be the most visible and vocal at your event. He had better represent you accurately, gracefully, and tastefully, with charm and wit. Anyone can write that they provide these things in an email, but they cannot “fake” an interview with you.

Please call Royal to arrange a meeting:
708 846 1091

Keep in mind that a DJ will NEVER tell you he’s less expensive because he’s less qualified or less capable or less trained than more expensive DJs. In fact, they’ll tell you that they can “do the same thing” for less. So listen very carefully to his reasons and you will be able to discern between the best and worst in the DJ world.

Cheap DJs will generally make the job sound easy and effortless, which is generally true for them, and that they have many years’ experience, they do it all the time and have done thousands of weddings. Numbers of events and “years of experience” don’t reflect the quality of those events. Remember: McDonald’s has “Billions of Hamburgers Sold,” but it doesn’t mean that it’s “fine dining.” Expensive DJs will be very detailed as to how intricate the position is and how much of a responsibility it is. Like everything else in life, “quality” and in-demand DJs generally cost more. That doesn’t mean that you can’t get a great DJ for a low price.

“What is your professional entertainment experience and training?”
“Why are you more expensive than others?”
“Why are you less expensive than others?”




  DJandMagic proudly offers our clients easily accessible and intuitive Online Event Booking & Planning Tools. This will make preparation for your event a snap! Everything will be in one place, organized and accessible to you and DJandMagic. This includes, messaging, planning,and music requests.